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Mayumi’s fashion scoop: Stylish Gadget Holders

MAYUMI DESCHANEL ILLUSTRATIONLast Christmas I received a tablet, which I now consider my favourite “toy”. I am currently addicted to it because of all the apps. available! And yes, I am one of those people that bring it everywhere.


To be honest I am not much of a techy person. Although I like being updated with the latest gadgets and I like having the latest toys, if anyone asked me what a processor or RAM was, I would probably stare at them blankly. I usually let Pierre handle all the electronics. He loves researching about their specs, setting them up, configuring them… talking endlessly about them! I just enjoy using them as well as dressing them up. I know I probably sound so girly, but it is so hard to avoid all the latest and stylish gadget accessories out in the market today!


If you are like me, someone who always brings and tinkers with her favourite gadgets, you want to be caught doing so in style. After all, personal style should translate in everything we wear or use. This is why I am going to feature the latest accessories you can use to dress up your smart phones, laptops, and tablets!





It is all about texture. I love Tory Burch’s iphone case! I love how the blue just pops out. Not to mention the stud shaped design makes it look extra funky. I also like this Louis Vuitton phone case. The colors are tamed but the textured lines make it scream with style. It is very posh I think.



Marc Jacobs’ cat-inspired iPhone case is not something I would ever be caught using, but I think it makes such a cute gift for my little nieces! For an edgy cover, Weston’s marbled case is irresistible.





Fans of the US TV series ‘Gossip girl’ might want to check out Miu-Miu’s patented, red ipad case. With the red bow, it looks like something upper eastside socialite ‘Blair Waldorf’ would use. For the writers, you might opt for Lulu Guiness’ typewriter case, which I think is so retro!



Keep it cute and dainty with Prada’s floral design or keep it unique with Proenza Schouler’s “satchel” ipad case. I have one of these. Can you guess which?





Vivienne Westwood’s laptop bag reminds me of my school days. Its classic design and vibrant colours make plaid very fab!


Why not make the gadget look as stylish as the owner right? I hope you were able to pick something you liked!



 Until next time,

Mayumi Deschanel



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