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Mayumi’s Fashion Trends: Famous Intl Filipino Designers’ 2014 Spring-Summer Collection

Hello friends, there might still be some of you who are not aware that some of our favorite Hollywood celebrities are being dressed by Filipino fashion designers. Well yes that is true. For those who do not know yet some of the famous names in fashion are Filipinos. Today I have chosen to bring to you some of the spring and summer designs of three of these designers, namely, Monique Lhuillier, Michael Cinco and Josie, Natori

Here are their Spring-Summer 2014 collections which certainly make us proud:


8 may 14 2014springcol ml

Monique Lhuillier


Monique Lhuillier

Los Angeles-based Monique Lhuillier’s collection is all about clothes that are simple and real. Her penchant for glamour has been stripped down somewhat, but the result is no less astounding. There is structure to her dresses. But they do not at all look stiff. Notice the delicate patterns she used on the white pieces — don’t they remind you of the elegant patterns of our own piña fibres? I absolutely love her choice of colours: white and off-white, hot pink and brazen reds!

8 may 14 2014springcol ml 4

8 may 14 2014springcol ml 3

8 may 14 2014springcol ml 2

8 may 14 2014springcol mc

Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco is creating a dreamland in Dubai with his 2014 Spring Bridal Collection. What I like about his collection is that not one gown looks like any other! From short dresses to trains, he has given us a range of what he can do. Layering can be seen in his long gowns. For the shorter dresses, he uses patterns that are visible from far away. I especially like the off-whites in this collection!


8 may 14 2014springcol mc 2

8 may 14 2014springcol mc 3

8 may 14 2014springcol mc 4

8 may 14 2014springcol mc 5

8 may 14 2014springcol jn

Josie Natori

Josie Natori

Josie Natori’s theme for her collection is power. But power dressing can also be feminine, this is why she used elements of the kimono with long swaying sleeves. If you can see, there is also a great deal of shape in her dresses like midriff cuts and pointed necklines. Her choice of material is an organic off-white. But there are also bursts of colours in her long gowns and power dresses.


8 may 14 2014springcol jn 2

8 may 14 2014springcol jn 3

8 may 14 2014springcol jn 4

There you go mes amies, next time you see one of your favourite celebrity donned in a drop-dead-gorgeous gown, check it out, it might be one of the designs of one of our famous and highly artistic fashion designers.


Hanggang sa muli mes amies!


Which designer did you like the most? What dresses and gowns do you see yourself wearing this spring? Share your thoughts below!



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