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Mayumi’s vogue talk: Autumn/Winter ’12 Fashion Trends for Men

MAYUMI DESCHANEL ILLUSTRATIONThe other day my youngest brother, a fashion buff himself, accused me of having prejudice over women’s fashion, since in all of my articles I have been talking only about what is in vogue for women. He was only joking though but I realized that it was true. I have only written about women’s fashion so far! However, contrary to what most people think, I actually have an eye on what looks good and what looks lousy on a male form. Believe me. I always go shopping with my brothers. Picking outfits with (they are also fashion conscious people!) them is one of my favourite things to do. From time to time, I like picking clothes for my husband too, but he can manage on his own. Pierre is as fashion conscious as I am. Keeping in line with his being French of course!


Anyway, to assure my male followers I have my eyes on how they should dress, I am going talk about male fashion trends for autumn and winter this year.



Because winter is upon us, (I should know I need more and more moisturizers everyday!) Puffer jackets have also been trending. Everybody knows all you really need is a good coat to survive autumn and winter. Many would say the thicker the jacket, the better. However, puffer jackets, at least to me, were a bit too large and, well, puffy. I used to think they were unflattering to the human shape and ultimately ugly. I have been a recent convert to puffer jackets though thanks Viktor & Rolf’s “Band of Outsiders” monsieur show.



I love that Ushanka on the left! On the other hand, maybe I just like it because it definitely serves it purpose.


Ushanka’s are the Russian fur caps by the way. They traditionally have earflaps that you can tie on the crown of the head or under your chin. Just saying.




Another interesting fashion trend is animal motifs. I know some men might cringe and find this a little too “cutesy cute” for their taste. However, several designers proved that if worn properly, this trend could make anyone look unique. Several designers featured animal motifs in their collection but I liked Louis Vuitton, Jill Sanders, and Dior Homme’s take on the motif.


Darwin might have inspired Louis Vuitton, Jill Sanders might have been inspired from Jurassic Park, and perhaps Birds of Prey inspired Dior Homme as evident in their pieces from fashion week.




Lastly, let us not forget about footwear. Chelsea boots dominate this season’s footwear. Multiple designers such as Grenson, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Jimmy Choo, and Balenciaga have displayed Chelsea boots in their collections. Just a little trivia, Chelsea boots were originally designed for Queen Victoria since the queen wanted riding boots that could be easily removed.  Basically, they are short ankle boots that can be easily removed because of their signature elastic side panels and lightweight sole.


I think they are a great throwback to the 60’s and 70’s fashion era. There is something so retro and stylish about them that I like.


This sums up some of my take on this seasons fashion trends for men. I hope that no one will think, specially my brothers that I have forgotten their race. I promise that you would be hearing more of my ideas stories about the latest fashion trends and dressing tips not only for you girls but also for our guys.


Remember folks, these trends are there to help us achieve our own style and fashion. However, at the end of the day, a great smile and confidence are all you need to wear.


Until next time!




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