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Mayumi’s vogue talk: Handbags – Summer 2013

 What are the three F’s of women’s alibi to buy a new handbag? Guessed it right? read on…


Hi everyone,


If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well the way to a woman’s heart is not that complicated – get her a handbag!


Why do we love bags, check the general female populations’sentiments if the are similar to yours.


Pierre, my husband, never seems to understand why I need another yellow clutch bag when I already have my yellow shoulder bag. Duh! Only a woman can fully understand why. So ladies when you need to explain why you need a new handbag, when confronted with the same inquisition from the hubby, enlighten him that we feminine beings adore bags because of the three F’s namely, fashion, function and fun. Fashion because it complements our wardrobe and serves as our own personal fashion statement. Function because we really cannot go anywhere without a bag. Where would we put our mobile phone, our lipstick or even our tablet. Fun because they just make us happy.


 Anyway, here are my top picks for this season’s bag trends. Check out which one you like most and which one matches your shoes this season!


 The sleek, bright and bold leather shoulder and clutches on Gucci’s runway just exudes elegance. Well I think with this Pierre would definitely argue that I don’t need another kind of bag since this one can serve both as a clutch and as a shoulder bag. ;-)

The plexiglass evening clutch with embossed honeycomb design still by Gucci, is a must-have for the evening parties this summer!


 These are my favorites from Emporio Armani all neutral toned collection – leather foldover shoulder bag with chain link and leather strap; open leather day bag; box clutch bag that slightly resembles Jill Sander’s flat leather clutch that’s only a little bigger than an A5



From the huge bags we love to stuff our gadgets in, we see Prada’s tiny bags. They look like all our big bags shrunk in the clothes drier and voila we have all these cute bags. The décor: tiny sparklers with decorative chain-handles; floral details- appliqués, embossed.



 Bottega Veneta’s  yellow snakeskin classic briefcase with handle and shoulder strap is simply classy and functional. Etro’s woven bag with a wrist slip on is gorgeous.


Versus’ clutches with thick cuffs, where you insert your fingers to carry it, are handy and practically small. They fit snugly and could be fastened securely into your hands- enough to turn off any prospective thieves in the Metro or the Tube in London. They come in vibrant pink, blue, and purple.


Ok, I’ve come to the end of this article. Show this to your hubby and tell him directly which one you like. I advice you not to go around the bush or you may not get what you want for your birthday or anniversary.  Let me know which among these bags you like too and share with us any bags you found that I didn’t include here. You can leave your comment on the box below. We would love to hear about it!


Hanggang sa muli mes amies

Mayumi Deschanel



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