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Photographs only please; no drawings or animation.


Entries should not exceed the max. 100 MB file size.


The only allowed entry extensions are gif, jpg, png.


Photo must display the poster’s whole body. At the very least, a photo must be from head to knees, or neck to toes. Any photos that fail to do so will unfortunately be rejected.


One look per photo; pictures with more than one person or outfit will be rejected.


Collage photos are allowed, but each collage post must contain 3 views per outfit only. That means that the collage must contain a maximum of three separate images.


You must be the subject of the photo. This is “MY Fashion Book” after all. That means that, yes, this is all about you! Pictures of people you have styled, friends, family members, models, strangers, etc., are not acceptable.


Clear and no excessive photo editing. At the discretion of our moderators photos that are not clear, excessively photo edited, blurred or only partially shows the subject would be deleted.


No reposts. If you’ve already posted the look here or somewhere else, please do not post it again. Someone will eventually notice, and we will be compelled to bring down those repeat posts once they’ve been found.


The photos posted must belong to you. Anyone who impersonates someone, or posts a photo that they do not own the rights to, will be banned.


No spamming. If you are selling any of the items in the photo you’ve posted, you need to model them yourself. If you post simply to blatantly advertise or promote something you will not be allowed to join the community.


No children under the age of 13. Please have in mind that this a fashion site for grownups, so no pictures of your child, cute niece or nephew please no matter how cute they are. Give them a couple of years.


No nudity. My Fashion Book is about style, and not porn, thus nudity is a no-no, this includes showing nipples (for women) and genitalia (for both genders)


Have fun! My Fashion Book is all about embracing the diversity and aesthetic complexity of Filipino fashion and fashionistas, so lets together show the world how fashionable we Filipinos are.


Thank you!






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