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MAYUMI DESCHANEL ILLUSTRATIONMen need a guide too when it comes to dressing up and making a good impression. Look professional and ready for the job interview with these few styling tips and tricks.

Unless one is applying to be a fashion model or a TV anchor, job applicants often question why appearances should matter during job interviews. The answer is simple. It is usually down to first impressions. Remember, job interviews are similar to blind dates. Both employer and applicant are strangers to each other and are meeting for the first time. Employers begin to evaluate an applicant based on the initial information they can gather or observe. The moment the applicant enters the door, opinions are already being made by the employer. “He looks sloppy,” “She looks smart,” etc. These may or may not even be a conscious effort at all. Their brain will start to assess if the applicant’s sense of style and look matches the company’s image or if the applicant is taking the interview seriously by dressing for the occasion. Employers can also easily pick up fragments of the applicant’s personality by the accessories they wear or the colours they choose when presenting themselves.


According to a study conducted by Ladders, a careers website, applicants who fail to take the interview dress code seriously may hurt their chances of landing the desired job. In the study, 37% of 500 surveyed bosses in the UK admitted to hiring applicants based on dress appearances. Other results indicated that 99% would not hire any female applicant who wore dangling accessories. 95% also stated that they would be turned off if the female applicant had a low-necked top and wore no leg tights during the interview process. Male applicants wearing leather jackets, denim jeans with polo shirts would worry 70% of the employers as well.


As a general reminder, it is good to keep in mind that dressing appropriately for a job interview exhibits preparation and effort. Since applicants only have a few minutes to be interviewed, they should maximize every opportunity to make an impression. Even if making an impression means having a second, third or fourth look at the mirror before leaving the house.


To help all applicants on their big day, here is a list of general tips and fashion dos and donts applicable to almost any kind of job interview.

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